Free virtual educational sessions offered to NFDA Members

June 1, 2022 - Government Contract Labor Standards in Policy Initiatives
The Biden Administration has placed an emphasis on government contract labor standards in policy initiatives, and that focus has resulted in a number of new compliance obligations and requirements for Government landlords and developers. Lucy Kitchen from Transwestern moderated a session with Holland & Knight attorneys Gordon Griffin and Kelsey Hayes to discuss these issues.

May 4, 2022 - A Conversation with VA Officials
NFDA hosted a webinar with key officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs, as we discuss recent AIR recommendations, Net of Utilities, leasing projects that are pending Congressional authorization, and much more.
View the presentation here.

March 9, 2022 - Government Leased Investment Sales Update & Forecast Webinar
NFDA and the Bull Realty Team hosted a webinar on March 9 for a market update that includes 2021 trends as well as what we should expect in 2022.

February 23, 2022 - A Discussion on GSA Tenant Improvements 
NFDA had a Webinar on GSA Tenant Improvements that included A follow-up discussion regarding points made at the 2021 NFDA National Conference regarding GSA's review of total TI spend on a project post-acceptance of space; GSA's desire to create a "fair playing field" with regard to tenant improvements and the assumptions required to accomplish this goal.  Panelists will explore this topic from both the Government’s and Industry’s perspectives; Whether it would make sense to both the Government AND the Industry if GSA were to advertise different TI allowances for all procurements as they do for the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program

December 7, 2021- New Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors: Who is affected and how do we achieve compliance?
NFDA hosted a webinar discussing the recent vaccine mandate from the perspective of building owners with federal leases. Gordon Griffin and Kelsey Hayes of Holland & Knight LLP will be discussing the scope of the mandate, which entities will be affected, and what landlords and owners should be doing to ensure they are in compliance.  

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