The NFDA is a national association of private property owners and service providers who lease or provide services to government tenants. The Association represents building and property owners and service providers (developers, builders, architects, engineers general contractors, specialty subcontractors, leasing and property sales brokers, along with lenders and investorswho lease or provide services to government (federal state, local, quasi and similar nonprofit entity) tenants, who occupy privately-owned property.

NFDA Membership

Membership will be offered to qualified participants in the field of federal real estate, including organizations and individual real estate professionals involved in activities including, but not limited to: 

  •  Developing build-to-suit, lease-construction and enhanced use leasing projects for civilian and military agencies;
  •  Restoring, rehabilitating or modernizing federally owned real estate facilities;
  •  Leasing existing building or other real estate facilities to GSA and other federal civilian and military agencies;


  • Providing brokerage and facilitating property sales and purchases;
  • Providing government agencies with asset and property management services;
  • Providing architectural, engineering, and construction management services;
  • Providing ancillary services such as: financing, legal, accounting, and space planning.
  • Owning and investing in government-leased facilities;

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