NFDA Committees work to implement the organization's goals and bring information related to government leasing together in one place. Participation in these committees enables members to have a vital impact on the progress of NFDA. 

MEMBERSHIP/MARKETING COMMITTEE: Develops and conducts programs to attract new members; develops programs and initiatives to stimulate recruiting and retention activity.

  • Chair - Fran Cowan, NGPV Fund LLC
  • Dionnie Bolar, Property Enterprises Inc.
  • Geoff Ficke, Colliers International
  • Jay Hooper, Net Lease Capital Advisors, LLC
  • Bobbie Reynolds, Graystone Capital Advisors 
  • Karen Wells, Bear Wells

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Meets regularly to plan every aspect of the Annual NFDA Conference

  • Chair - Kelly Young, Russell Government Group
  • Victoria Abbasi, Colliers, Inc.
  • Will Ruppe, Lincoln Property

STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE: Comprised of board members chosen to develop and a long-term set of goals so that the board can refer to it regularly to monitor progress toward achieving the organization’s goals.

  • Chair - Bob Peck, Gensler
  • Ron Kendall, Easterly Government Properties
  • Mark Ritchie, Gantry, Inc.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Voted in by the Board of Directors and comprised of five board members who make day-to-day decisions on NFDA matters

  • Executive Chair - Diana Parks, Curran Legal Group
  • Vice Chair - Marcy Owens Test, CBRE 
  • Treasurer - Biz Brackett, UIRC
  • Officer - Fran Cowan, NGP V
  • Immediate Past Chair - Ron Kendall, Easterly Government Properties

PROGRAMS COMMITTEE: Tasked to oversee and execute new program development 

  • Programs Chair -  Chad Becker, Arco Real Estate Solutions
  • Lucy Kitchin - Transwestern
  • Anne Lemon - 
  • Phillip Perry - HC Government Trust

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE:  Monitors and assesses the technology needed to execute the programs. 

  • Technology Chair - Zack Ficke, Colliers International 

SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE:  As the Federal Government intensifies its focus on sustainability and green lease initiatives, our community needs to be prepared. NFDA has created a dedicated sustainability committee geared towards navigating these pivotal initiatives.

  • CoChair - Marcy Owens Test, CBRE FLAG
  • Chad Becker, Arco Real Estate Solutions
  • Fran Cowan, NGP Group

CHAPTER COMMITTEE: Comprised of the eight Chapter directors who represent the local regions designated as NFDA chapters across the united states. These Chapters provide localized value to both NFDA members and non-members alike.  

  • Chair -  Chad Becker, Arco Real Estate Solutions
  • Chapters & Directors

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Identify potential candidates for current or upcoming vacancies and work toward attracting and securing top talent. Duties include identifying, recruiting, and screening candidates for Board and management leadership positions.

  • Chair - Mark Ritchie, Gantry

ADVOCACY COMMITTEE: Represent the organization with the intention of fostering the relationship between the NFDA community and Government officials in GSA and VA and others, while supporting the best interests of NFDA members.

  • Co-Chair - Norm Dong, FD Stonewater
  • Co-Chair - Mark Ritchie, Gantry
  • Diana Parks, Curran Legal Group
  • Marcy Owens Test, CBRE

Interested in joining a committee? Contact us at [email protected]; 240-401-6684